Individual consultant supporting ESG leaders


Due diligence and active management support for portfolio companies


ESG strategy for early and growth stage technology ventures


Mobilizing business through collaboration and advocacy  




Advancing ESG in investment decisions and management in private markets


The expectations on private investors - and particularly those in early and growth stage ventures- to address ESG issues is growing. My mission is to help funds set up a first ESG strategy and lead with confidence.

  • What should be our policy on ESG issues?

  • How does ESG relate to growth KPIs?

  • How can we best support our portfolio companies?

  • What ESG metrics should we report? 

Solutions for Investors


Responsible Investment Policy

Portfolio Review

Active Management Support

Sustainability Reporting

Thought Leadership




Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Ethical Supply Chains. Living Wages. Carbon Footprints. Transparency in Algorithms. Trust.  

The expectations on business leaders  has never been higher. And early and growth stage ventures are no exception. ESG management is complex. And with small teams and long hours starting the conversation on ESG can seem daunting. 

  • When is the right time to start?

  • How will ESG help us meet our business KPIs?

  • What is a must-have vs. a nice-to-have?

  • How can we give back and make positive impacts with our products?

My mission is to simplify the process and give you the tools and confidence to lead the ESG process at your company as you scale. 

Solutions for Companies


Managing Stakeholders

Assessing Materiality  

Achieving Impact  

Managing Risks

Anticipating Unintended Consequences



Hands Holding Wooden Plate



Growing inequalities. Climate change. Racial justice. Public health. Safeguarding democracy. 

Almost every global challenge requires ​engaging the private sector. My mission is to help you create lasting impact on an industry for social good.

  • How do we best communicate our cause to business leaders?

  • Which companies could be the early adopters?

  • What tools do businesses need to take action?

  • How do we ensure a lasting change in an industry?

Solutions for Non-profits & Foundations

Strategic Planning

Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations


Influencing Campaigns